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I’ve been meaning to update this site but I’ve been using every spare second to help my wife Jessica with some accounting homework.

Now that that’s over, it’s back to constant practice and learning.

First, I want to verify a few things about my plans for this site…like the intended subject(s). Is a blog about data science and the tools/programming languages Python, R, KNIME and SQL enough? Will the site generate traffic and help me build a solid skill set that helps me get a fantastic job?

What does Google trends say? Check out this html capture on my subjects:

Python – as you’d expect – has the most searches. What surprised me is that it’s followed more closely by SQL than R. While the former is more ubiquitous… R is much more powerful in my opinion. Of course – SQL is meant to only pull information from – and do base analysis of – information from a set relational database while R can do much more with data already retrieved. A simple Google search like this shows how many ways R is now connected to SQL and relational database management.

You can also see by the above trends snippet that searches involving the terms KNIME and big data fall very low on the list. That’s a shame as KNIME is an extremely powerful open source tool. Here is its website.

Here is more information from Google Trends on my blog’s subjects. You can see what keywords Google has listed for each search term.

a new job and database 101

As I started learning Python and R, I dove right into the deep end of the pool (so to speak) and tried to learn some high level scripts. I have work in both languages that do some pretty amazing things with social media information. Until I get them up on here, check out my LinkedIn profile for examples.

I recently got a new job which I’m treating as a paid class in “database 101” and SQL. It’s a perfect transition from my previous career as it’s forcing me to take a step back: how can I really learn data science without any basic Oracle and SQL database experience? In my previous position I worked with a large database that was managed for a predictive dialer through a SQL variant.

It’s a contract position with a local company where I am doing data analysis and building a process for the company to parse data. It involves millions of records in relational databases that we are searching via Microsoft Access. I am building SQL scripts more complex than anything I’ve done before. It is excellent experience! I’ll be putting anything I can up on github.

additional learning…

I have also downloaded information from  Major League Baseball and my Twitter account. I am planning on building SQL, Python, R and KNIME scripts to expand my portfolio. Look for information here as I have it.

update: A KNIME tutorial link I’ve used in the past¬†

additional thought for the next few posts: use the Google tools to show how the planned subjects for this blog will rank and pull traffic from the search behemoth. Expect posts with basic tutorials on all data tools this blog covers accompanied with Google tools research.

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